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first you must prepare grape , 4 tablespoons syrup of sugar , 1 cup water , and ice cub. . let's make a syrup ! First , washed grapes and put 4 tablespoons syrup of sugar , 1 cup water, and grape in blender . Then after a smooth , put into serving glasses and add shaved ice cube in it Grape juice ready to be enjoyed .


How to Make Grape Juice
 - To make serving fresh juices and nutritious for the family, there is an alternative to making juice Grape Juice among others.
 Here's how to make it: 
-The materials were prepared: 200 grams of red wine (waste it)
- 150 cc soy bean extract
- Ice cubes to taste
 How to make: Wine blender until smooth. Mix wine with soy bean extract, and mix well. Ready to be served by adding ice cubes to taste.

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The first step Washing grapes advance The second step grapes cut into small pieces and add to the blender The third step add water and sugar and then run the blender The fourth step serve