Last week, on Wednesday,april 9th 2014, My parents and I went to the TPS near my house.  We visited TPS 027 which is on suci street, Susukan, Ciracas , East Jakarta. My parents want to choose a candidate for the legislature, while I do the English work about experience during general elections (PEMILU)of  2014. This is the first time I went to TPS to know the voting process.           
     After arriving at the TPS, my parents immediately verify to KPPS and submit the form. I immediately look at the data procedures for the general election(PEMILU) and remain candidate for DPR,DPD and DPRD on a notice board. In addition, I took some picture of the situation there. The situation there has not been crowded because we went to TPS at 9.am. There also a members KPPS, security, and sanctions in the general election(PEMILU). However, the atmosphere is safe and peaceful. After that, my parents sat in the seat selector.
     Next, the name my parents called by members KPPS and immediately take paper election of three paper consisting of DPRD paper election, DPR paper election and DPD paper election. Then, my parents go directly to the voting booth. In there, my parents could decide who would be their choice. After completion of voting, my parents immediately insert the paper into the ballot box as appropriate. Finished selecting, my parents immediately dipped their fingers into the ink that has been provided by members KPPS. In addition, it also gives a pack of coffee to my parents as a sign of gratitude because it had participated in the elections. Then I asked for permission to one of the members KPPS to take pictures as proof that I have been working on English assignments. Then, me and my parents back to home.
       This is a new experience for me .
But, i'm happy because, i'm already worked on english assigment.
Last summer holiday,my family and i spent one night at the country side. we stayed in a small house.it has a big garden with lots of colorfull flowers and swimming pool.
     first, we made a fire in fame of the house. then we sat arround the fire and song together.after that we came into the house and had dinner.next, we sat in in the living room and watched a movie.finally, everybody feel askep there.
     we woke up very late in the morning and had breakfast in the afternoon we went home.we were all very happy