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Cheese is Made

we know,cheese is a food full of ,calsium,
fosfor and fat.Cheese was started from a cow milk. The country where this thing
made is holland,this coutry is the bigest cheese producer in the world this

The history of cheese appear
was by the an accident,an arabic traveler brought a milk in the bag was made
from a goat flank,when he wanted to drink it the the night,it change be hard
and pat.And now that pat we know it as cheese.

To make it, Firstly the
dairy farmer squeezes milk from the cow. Secondly they put the milk into the
milk truck for bring it to a factory,then in there will test its are good or
bad.All the right goes to stater room, rennet is added to curdle the milk.Next the
milk is heated up to get bacteria out in the pasteurizing room.After that
the pat will be press to form a cheese and weigh it, it will be cover .The cheese
inspectors check it to know if the cheese is good and ready to send.

Finally, everyone can enjoy the cheese.Much person are
like it,because the taste are nice and it have a benefit for healtier.



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