Tolong bantu saya mengerjakan tugas bahasa inggrisku

tolong berikan contoh kalimat menggunakan
a. because
b. because of
c.due to
d. due to the fact

jawaban mu akan saya berikan menjadi jawaban terbaik

i'm realy tired,because i was run last morning - she realy angry because of him - You realy got a troble due to stole it -due to the fact,this place is too small,other persons are went away


I don't like her because she's so arrogant. We're suffering because of her words. We're closing the shop due to the heavy rain. We don't have any money due to the fact we don't even work.
This lesson boring because there is nothing good to look at
I'm really happy because of this day i'm birthday
This computer damaged due to exposed to water
Due to the fact, this place is too dirty, then the people away from this place