A : Directory Enquiries, here. Can I help you? B : Yes, I wany to connect my telephone call to Singapore, please A : The address, please B : Ninety nine Elliot Road, Singapore A : Name B : Fakhri A : Initial name B : Fasyal A : How do you spell it? B : Fakhri Fasyal A : The number is 986 B : Thank you
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A: good afternoon, how can I help you?
B: good afternoon, i want to talk to Mr.X, can I?
A: oh sorry but he isn't in his office. May I know your name sir?
B: Mr.Y
A: do you have some message for Mr.X?
B: no, but can you call me back if Mr.X has came back?
A: oh sure sir
B: oke thank you
A: you're welcome
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