After two weeks of volcanic eruptions, life for people living near Indonesia's Mount Merapi remains dangerous and difficult. The death toll from the eruptions has surpassed 200, and more than a quarter of a million people have evacuated their homes. While vulcanologists believe the eruption is dying down, they can't guarantee it won't flare up again. On the south side of Merapi, Indonesian army commandos lead a search-and-rescue mission. In the distance, smoke and gray ash billow from Merapi's crater high into the sky. Heat shimmers up from the scorched earth. A burnt and decaying stench hangs in the air. Commandos and rescue workers pick and shovel through an obliterated village. They place a few bones and blackened remains in body bags before heading back to base. There, battalion commander Lt. Col. Iwan Setiawan reviews his ash-covered troops. The commandos, known as Kopassus, could use some good publicity. Until recently, they were blacklisted by the U.S. for human rights abuses. Setiawan says that seven bodies were found on today's mission. They will be delivered to a nearby hospital. The village lay just four miles from the volcano, well within the 12-mile danger zone delineated by authorities. He adds that the rescue missions are mandated by the government and will continue until the government tells the commandos to stop.
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Sandi and Dina are talking about the accident which happened to an airline pilot they read about in the headline of a newspaper. Dina : Good heavens! Look at this. It says a pilot was nearly sucked out of the window of his plane. It was in mid air. Sandi : Really? He didn't die, did he? Dina : No, it says he was hanging out of the window while the plane was 23,000 feet in the air. Sandi : I don't understand. The window didn't break, did it? Dina : Yes, it did, actually. Sandy : Oh, that's terrible.


Wati chats with her best friend, Ria, at the school canteen. They talk about Ari who is the most favourite student in their school. Wati : Do you know that Ari has a girlfriend? Ria : Are you kidding? That's not true. Wati : Listen, I got the news from his best friend, Frans. Ria : That's too bad. Yesterday, he gave me a bar of chocolate. Wati : It doesn't mean that he loves you. Oh, come on. He's not the only guy in the world. Take it easy. Ria : Yeah, you're right. Besides, I don't have time to think about love right now. Wati : You're right. Let's go to the class. The bell is

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