A: can you be quiet? you're too noisy... you have disturbed my nap time...
B: sorry brother.... i and my friends are playing a good games...
A: you and your friends can play together, but please don't to be noisy.... okay...
B: sorry brother.... yeah, i and my friends will not be noisy again....
A: okay then.... have a good time....
B: thanks brother

semoga membantu :)
you're welcome :)
maaf hanya sekedar informasi dan kalau bisa menjadi pengetahuan baru. jika ada kata I and my friends itu salah seharusnya my friends and I, kata I selalu ditaruh dibelakang.
makasih koreksinya :D
Example: the name of the little brother is Ahdar

Me : Hey Ahdar.....
Ahdar :  Why Sis?
Me : Please be quite ... I having nap..
Ahdar : But I still playing with my friend...=(
Me : Oh, it's ok. If so, you can play again but reduce your voice..ok
Ahar : Ok Sis.,,,,!
Me : Thank you my little brother...

Sekian dan terima kasih...=)