Asking for help A : please accompany me to go to the mall B : can you help me cleaning the room
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Adverb of manner
1. A : Hey, mom. Can you show me how to make a cup of tea go to auntie's house ?
    B : that easy. Firstly, prepare a cup and instant tea. Then, you have to boil some water, and pour it to the cup carefully. Put an instant tea into the cup. After the color has change, add 2 tsp of sugar,it can be more or less.
A : that easy. Thks mom.

Asking for help
1. A : Rodger, i have some trouble here.
B : what ? just tell me.
A : My mom text me if I have to go to hospital because my brother just got an accident. But, this assignment hasn't done yet. Can you tell Mr.Kim to postpone the deadline please?
B : But,Jane, i'm not sure about that. But I will try. I will go to his room after you go.
A : Thank you so much Rodger:)
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