Contoh complaining:
Complaint about air conditioning

Reception:   How can I help you?
Costumer:   Yes, I'm in room 543. The air conditioning isn't working properly.
Reception:   What the matter with it?
Costumer:   It only blows hot air.
Reception:   I'll send someone to check it, but if there is a problem with it the only thing I can do is to send you a fan until tomorrow when the maintenance comes.
Costumer:   Couldn't we have another room.
Reception:   I am very sorry but all our rooms are occupied. If the problem persists tomorrow and we have a vacancy we can change you then or help you find more comfortable accomodations.
Costumer:   OK, thank you.

Tia: Yes, sir.
(Walking to the front of the class, then reading a text)
Firman: Can you hear that?
Sahrul: Hear what?
Firman: Her voice. I can’t hear her voice.
Sahrul: Neither can I. But…
Teacher: Both of you! What are you discussing?
Firman: It’s about Tia, sir. Her voice is too quiet. We can’t hear her.
Teacher: You should have asked her to read louder rather than to talk to yourselves each other.
Firman&Sahrul: We are sorry, sir.