I have a special toy, a digital camera, which has several useful features. first of all, it has a ten-zoom function. with this, I can take picture of things that are far away. I used this when my little brother wanted me to (1).... a picture of a zebra in the safari park.it was about twenty meters from our car, but I could manage to get a every good shot.
second, there is a viewfinder on the back of the camera. I use it to frame pictures I want to take and to review (2)... I have taken. using the viewfinder , I can edit the pictures which are not very good. (3)... , the main reason why I love this digital camera is that I can connect it to my computer. I can then use email and attach my photographs to my friends and relatives in Bandar Lampung.



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1. take 2. picture that 3.third
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