A : (read magazine)
B : (coming) hey, what are you doing?
A : i read about her, look at this woman
B : ohh i know that's rossa
A : yeah, you like her?
B : very much!
A : i also, she's wonderful, multitalent and of course her voice too
B : yes, her voice is so amazing
A: (Read magazine) Wow! that's woman is beautiful, i hope i can be her.
B: (Look at A ) Hi A ! What are you doing?
A: I'm just reading this magazines, you better look at this.
B: (Look at the magazine) Wow! is that Rossa? how beautiful she is.
A: Who's Rossa anyway?
B: You don't know her? She is multi-talented woman and her voice is amazing!
A: (Look at Rossa's photo at magazine) She is looks like this photo, isn't it?
B: Yea! It's her you silly! I have dreamed about meeting her in her house.
A: Ah come on! it was just a dream.
B: (Rejected with strict body) No! that wasn't just ordinary dream, I'm trully her big fan.
A: Ok, I admire her too, she is beautiful, but I never listen to her music. 
B: Would you like to listen to her music?
A: Yes. I'd love too.
B: Ok, come on! I'll show you, but careful, her music will blow your ears!
A: That will be fun listen together.
B: Yap.
A: Laughs*
B: Laughs*