One day, a cat had heard that all the hens in a chicken coop

had fallen ill. It was quite happy 4) ....... it thought that this was an opportunity.

Soon it dressed up as a doctor, with a bag full of instruments and medicines.

Then, while it was walking to the chicken coop, it was imagining good things

that would happen.

“ good day, hens,

how are you 5) ....... ? i’ve come to give you a check up. Please open the

door” however, the chickens all answered together “ thank you very much, but

we’ll feel a lot better if you would just go away”

The cat realized that its trick didn’t work out, so it left.

The hens felt 6).........

4) a) due

to b) because c) because of d) however

5) a)

feeling b) to feel c) feels d) felt

6) a) relieves b) relieving c) to relieve d) relieved

7) to surabaya (1) - with(2) - disagree (3) - i (4) - your idea (5) - a study tour (6) - to have (7)
what's the correct arrangementof the words ?
a) 3-4-5-7-2-6-1 b) 4-3-5-7-2-6-1 c) 4-3-2-5-7-6-1 d) 4-5-3-2-7-6-1



4) because of 5) feels 6) to relieve 7) c 4-3-2-5-7-6-1