may I ask for a few pieces of bamboo that you no longer need
excuse me I want to borrow a book
may I borrow your pencil
Can I sit here
I need some guava seeds
I think it is not good
he thinks it should not be shown to the public
I propose that we can make such a
what if we use opinion
good opinion also

Asking opinion: 1. what do you think about my dress this night? 2. what about your opinion about my haircut? 3. what should you do if you as me? 4. she wad very glamour. what about me? 5. what do you like to go to a cinema? giving opinion: 1. I think that your soes has been old 2. I should chose him which a richman 3. you should buy a new car 4. you should go to hospital 5. I think that the film is very borring 6. I think I shouldn't eat at night 7. I think I must go away from her 8. i'm very exciting with the final examination 9. she is beautiful with the dress 10. you are verry talkative maaf cuman bisa bantu segini