maksudnya apa ?
bagaimana populasi di inggris? jawab pakai bahasa inggris ya
i think population in england so many of inhabitant because the increase of birthrate and imigration quantity.


Jawaban paling cerdas!
England is by far the most populous country of the United Kingdom, accounting for 84% of the combined total. England taken as a unit and measured against international states has the fourth largest population in the European Union and would be the 25th largest country by population in the world.With a density of 407 people per square kilometre, it would be the second most densely populated country in the European Union after Malta.

The English people are a British people. Some genetic evidence suggests that 75–95% descend in the paternal line from prehistoric settlers who originally came from the Iberian Peninsula, as well as a 5% contribution from Angles and Saxons, and a significant Norse element. However, other geneticists place the Norse-Germanic estimate up to half.[167][168][169] Over time, various cultures have been influential: Prehistoric, Brythonic,[170] Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norse Viking, Gaelic cultures, as well as a large influence from Normans. There is an English diaspora in former parts of the British Empire; especially the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand.[nb 4] Since the late 1990s, many English people have migrated to Spain.
Pie chart with main body in blue and multiple smaller segments in other colours.
2009 estimates of ethnic groups in England.

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