Mothers and Brothers we love! Assalamu Wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh! Previously we thank you for your willingness to attend the commemoration of the birth of Mother's Day Raden Kartini. As we know, on this day, April 21, 2013, we are all women across Indonesia celebrate Kartini Day. Keep in mind that R.A. Kartini was born on 21 April 1879, and is the pioneer of the famous Indonesian women's movement pioneered the emancipation of women to gain equal rights with men. In this occasion we would like to explore a little bit about the history of Kartini. Kartini is actually the daughter of a nobleman who since childhood lived under strict supervision by his father, a regent of Jepara. The treatment felt as a restraint that causes agony. Therefore, the idea arose to liberate him from the shackles of tradition archaic clan that does not comply with contemporary circumstances. Mothers and Brothers Dear! With this diperingatinya Kartini Day, we as women need to take a lesson, and more importantly, is modeled on the spirit of Kartini. The women demanded participation in national development. However, it does not mean reducing the role of women in nurturing families. So, in this case women must be good at putting its function as a homemaker and as a public servant mother. Selanjunya activities in order to fill the Kartini Day, organizers also held a bazaar in the form of activities that results will be donated to the orphanage. A few of our welcome, and thanks for all the help from all sides so as to implementation of this event. Wassalamu'alaikum Wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh!