a) late b) flat c) sorry d) the grocery

e) took f) ride g) by bicycle h) inflated

dedy comes across erlin, her
classmates , when he is walking home from school

dedy : hi erlin

erlin : hi hi, dedy. Why don’t you 1) ..... your
Dody : well, it has a 2) ......
tire, so i left it at home. I will have it 3) ...... this afternoon

Erlin : so, your father 4) .....
you to school ?
Dedy : yes, he did
Erlin : by the way , i will go to
5)..... across the street . see you again

Dody : see you

A ) where are the speakers ?
B ) how did dedy go to school today ?
C) what happended to dedy's bicycle ?
D) where is the bicycle now ?
E ) what will dedy do this afternoon



1)f 2)b 3)h 4)e 5)d
A)At a road
B)his father took him to school
C)it has a flat tire
D)at his home
E)he's going to inflate the flat tire...
1. f
2. b
3. h
4. e
5. d

A) on the way to home
B) his father took him to school
C) it has a flat tire
D) the bicycle is at home
E) he will have his bicycle inflated

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