I have a new backpack. Its colour is soft green. I always bring it whenever. I go to school. It is made of strong fabrick. My backpack has several different parts. the first is the pocket. Where i put my money and library card. the second part is the mainpart. i always put my books and pencil case in it the third is a small pocked at the left side of the backpack. I keep a bottle of plain water in this pocket.
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I have a bag. Its color is purple. I always bring it whenever I go to school. It is made of strong fabric.My bag isn’t expensive, but it is very useful to me. My bag has several different parts. The fisrt part is the pocket where I put calculator, hand phone, my lunch box, mirror, and tissues. The second part is the main part. I always put my books, my pencil case, and my electronic dictionary. And the last part is small pocket at the right and left side of the bag. I keep a big bottle of plain water in this pocket. And I always wash my bag once two month, because it make my bag keep clean.My bag is simple, but it help me to bring everything what I need. I love my bag !!!
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