There is a boy whose name is Kai. He lives in his school dorm with his friends. Some of them are staying with him while the others are staying next door.
One day, all his friends leave him alone in the dorm to have fun. Kai feels bored and suddenly an idea of prank comes to his mind. So, he texts (send an SMS to) all his leaving friends saying that he lost his phone just now.
When all his friends return to the dorm, one of them asks Kai 'have you found your phone? We didn't bring it with us.'. All of them look so worried towards their friend. Suddenly, Kai bursts into laughter that nobody of them is knowing what's actually happened. Kai finally says 'Oh God, I need smarter friends'.

(Kai SMS pakai HPnya sendiri dan dia bilang ke temen2nya kalau HPnya ilang. Trus temennya percaya aja)