CinderellaLong, long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella.  Her parents passed away, she lived with her step mother and step sisters.  Cinderella was very sad everyday because she had to do the housework alone.One day, the king wanted to find the wife if his son.  He invited all the beautiful girls to come.  Cinderella was very sad because her step sister did not let her go.  Her sisters went to the palace without Cinderella.Luckily, The Angel cam and helped Cinderella to go to the palace.  In the palace, Cinderella danced with the Prince.  He fell in love with her; then he married her.  They lived happily ever after.6.   What kind of text is it?a.    Descriptive         b. News item               c. Spoof           d. Narrative                 e. Recount7.   What is the communicative purpose of the story?a.    To entertain the readersb.   To describe the way thingsc.    To retell an event with humorous twistd.   To describe particular person, place or thingse.    To persuade the readers or the listeners that something should or should not be the case8.   What is the generic structure of the story?a.    Orientation – Complication – Resolutionb.   Orientation – Events – Twistc.    Identification – Descriptiond.   Identification – Events – Reorientatione.    Thesis – Arguments – Reiteration  To report something9.   Her parents passed away. (p.1)The synonym of the underlined word is………a.       Ran away          b. dead                        c. went away      d. go away      e. far away10.  Which statement is not true?a.       Cinderella was young.                          d. The King married Cinderellab.      The Angel helped Cinderella.               e. The Prince married Cinderellac.       The King had a son.
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