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Why do you think that boy is hansome?
why do you think this coffee is delicious?
why do you think that school is cleanly?
why do you think that book is perfect?
why do you think that girl is stupid?
*WH question,mksdnya?
who is your name?
-my name is ....
what are you doing?
-i'm reading a book
where will you go?
-i will go to Surabaya
Why can't water be used to fill the thermometer?
-because, water is not good conductor
why you don't bring your bag?
-because, i'm forget it
Where is Sarah studying?
-at the library
why does his face look pale? because he is sick.
Why do you come late? Because I missed the bus this morning.
Komentar sudah dihapus
Komentar sudah dihapus
Why do you think a giraffe is tall? Because its neck is long
why do you think a snake is wild? because it can bite someone