Make a good sentece using words in the brackets.
Example: Arman has a car (two) ⇒ Arman has two cars.
1. Mr. Sunaryadi has a child. (four)
2. Darman has a motorcycle. (three)
3. Father gets a bird. (five)
4. Mother uses a knife. (three)
5. The security saw a thief. (two)
6. The athlete got a medal. (six)
7. The baby has a tooth. (two)
8. I have a goose. (ten)
9. My friend has a deer. (seven)
10. This is a notebook. (five)
11. That is a woman. (five)
12. There is a student in the classroom. (thirty two)
13. Is that an ox? (four)
14. There is a mouse in the drawer. (eight)
15. A thief is stealing a radio. (five)



1. Mr.Sunaryadi has four childs.
2. Darman has three motorcycles.
3. Father gets five birds.
4. Mother uses three knifes.
5. The security saw two thiefes.
6. The athelete got six medals.
7. The baby has two teeth.
8.  I have ten gooses.
9. My friend has three deers.
10. This are five notebooks.
11. That are five woman.
12. There are thirty two students in the classroom.
13. Are that four ox?
14. There are eight mouse in the drawer.
15. Five thiefes are stealing a radio.