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Ingredients :
100 grams of flour panir ( used if you want the meat fried and layered flour bread / panir )( * ) 500 grams of minced meat special( * ) 1 piece Onions ( finely chopped )( * ) 2 cloves garlic ( finely chopped )( * ) 1 tsp black pepper( * ) 1/2 tsp chicken broth powder( * ) 1 whole egg 1 egg( * ) 1 tsp salt( * ) 1 tsp sugar .Margarine ( for frying to taste )Barbeque Sauce ( for greasing if want burnt meat )
How to make meat :
- Mix the ingredients marked with an asterisk ( * ) above , stirring until smooth . ( You may stir it first above may not be material ( except meat and eggs ) , stir together before in the flesh , so that feels more seasoning in the meat ) .- Store in the refrigerator to prevent sticking for about 10 minutes . Make dots , each 50 grams ( or depending on your taste ) . Then flatten , to the thickness of 1 - 1.5 cm .- * Down with meat that has been formed over the flour into panir if the meat will be fried .* If you will be burned , basting several times previously with barbeque sauce to make it more delicious .- Put the meat that has been flattened into a freezer in order to freeze a little and easy fried or baked .- If you're ready , fried / grilled the meat .
Making bread burger :
- Cut the bread burger / burger bun into two parts , top and bottom .- Put the bottom of the first on a plate .- Add mayonnaise / thousand island , and mustard if desired .- Add the above ingredients complement one by one , its structure is up to your taste , including meat that has been fried / burnt earlier .- Add tomato sauce and sambal sauce according to taste .- Cover the top with the top piece of bread burger .- Ta daaaa .... You 've completed a simple burger .
In addition to more secure cleanliness , also does not use preservatives . Home -made burgers you can also add other ingredients according to your tastes . Meat that has been created can be preserved by storing it in the freezer for a few days , when you will make the next day , staying fried or grilled .
As a side note : you can also replace meat with fish you know. Perhaps if you are bored with the meat . Simply replace the ground beef with the ingredients minced tuna or other fish you like .
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The ingredients for hamburger meat:

     200 grams of minced beef.
     3 grams Oregano (can be purchased at a supermarket or grocery store)
     5 grams of chopped garlic.
     10 grams of Creole seasoning (can be purchased at a supermarket or grocery store).
     1 whole chicken egg.
     Bread flour taste.

how to make a hamburger:

     Meat, oregano, creole, garlic mixed together in one container. Then enter the egg, stir until blended and the dough is not too soft.
     If the dough is too soft, add bread crumbs to taste. Be careful not until the dough becomes too hard.
     Flatten the dough and shape into a circle.
     Bake (fried in butter / margarine a tablespoon in a flat skillet) until cooked and set aside.

Additional Materials:

     1 piece of fried egg.
     2 pieces of beef.
     Wedge of lettuce, tomato, and onion to taste.
     Hamburger bun (can be purchased at the supermarket).