Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb (Choose your preferred preamble speech) Ladies and gentlemen Indeed all praise belongs only to God, for it was on this occasion let us deliver to praise Allah SWT. Because He is the source of pleasure, happiness and safety source. Furthermore grace of and hopefully keep tercurahkan regards to the lord of the Prophet Muhammad and his family, his companions and all those who follow his teachings. Ladies and Gentlemen! Islam encourage people to do a wedding when he was able, capable in the broadest sense. Capable of physical or non-physical, able to give him material or non-material. Prompts marriage it can be seen from the Sunnah of the Prophet earlier, as Allah says: "WALAQOD ARSALNAA RUSULAN MIN QOBLIKA WAJA'ALNAA LAHUM AZWAAJAN WADZURRIYYATAN". Meaning: "We (God) have sent some Messengers before you, and we have given them, wives and offspring". (Ar-Ra'd: 38) And in the history hadists Turmudzi Imam Abu Ayyub. Rasulullah saw said: "ARBA'UN MIN SUNANNIL MURSALHNA : AL-HINNAA -U WAT TA'ATHTHURU WASSIWAAKU WAN NIKAAHU". Meaning: "Four cases is the law of the Prophet: mascara, perfume, miswak and marriage". Islam encourages marriage to his people was no other because the marriage has a positive impact or influence either the perpetrators themselves (concerned) people and all mankind. As for the wisdom of marriage, among others: Can deliver satisfactory mating and copulation instinct, because instinct intercourse is a very strong instinct and are forever demanding hard way out. If the way out it can not satisfy her, so many are humans who have kegonjangan and break through the chaos and evil. Thus, marriage menkadikan fresh body, soul so teang, maintained eye of the unclean look calm and enjoy the feeling of kosher items that are in their own homes. Marriage is the only way out is best for creating kids, reproduce offspring, preserve and maintain the fate of human life is considered by Islam. Rasulullah saw, in this case said: Marry women lovers again in order to many children, so that later I can boast that many in number in front of the Prophet on the Day of Judgement. With marriage, fatherly and motherly instincts will grow complement each other in a lively atmosphere with children and will grow too friendly feelings, love and affection which are good qualities that enhance one's humanity. By getting married can lead to creativity, and passion in the work, because it is driven by a sense of responsibility and assume obligations, to establish a fund at the same time her life and her children. With marriage, comes the division of tasks according to their respective nature that God has given him. For example, a husband who physically empowered by God then he must work outside the home, while his wife, who according to her femininity, then he worked at home taking care of their children in terms of education, maintaining property while maintaining the honor of her husband. By getting married, can strengthen community relations, reproduce relatives and family relationships. So that we can say at this reception, hopefully can be beneficial to us all, especially for the bride and groom. Thank you for all the concern for him, and apologize for any shortcomings. For it to end my speech let in trouble together with a sincere heart pray to God that this is intended for both of them. BISMILLAAHIRROHMAANIRROHIM....... ALLOHUMMA YA ALLAH, bestow Thy grace of thy servant to both being hold this ceremony. ALLOHUMMA YA ALLAH, make their household always pervaded by an atmosphere of love and compassion and peace. And protect them both from all the slander that comes from the devil. AMIN-AMIN YAA ROBBAL'AALAMIN IHDINASH SHIROOTHOOL MUSTAQIIM, WABILLAHIT TAUFIK WAL HIDAYAT WASSALAMU 'ALAIKUM WAROHMATULLOOHI WABAROKAATUHU.