Ada yang bisa jawab ini nggak kak?
once upon a time, a cat, a frog, and a camel gathered near an oasis in a desert. They wanted to appoint their leader.
It was not easy for them to do because each of them wanted to be a leader. They almost have a fight because of this.
Luckily a camel had a bright idea. He proposed that whoever become the oldest could be a leader. All agreed to this idea. A cat told his story first “when I was born, the earth was still soft. I had to walk very carefully so that I did not sink into the ground. That’s why I’m still very careful about the way I walk.”
“Oh! That’s nothing,” explained the frog. “I’m sure I’m the oldest. When I was born, the
earth was very hot. It was too hot to walk on. The only way to move around was
to jump. That’s why I still jump rather than walk.”
The camel was very amused. “When I was born,” he told his friends, “the earth had not yet been made. There was only the sky and a lot of sand everywhere. When my father died, there was no place to bury him so I had to carry him on my back. That’s why my back is
crooked. Of course, it’s very useful as I can keep food and water in it.
On hearing what the camel said, the cat and frog had to agree that he was the
oldest. They made him their leader.

1. Mention all the characters you can find in the story!
2. What does the paragraph one tell you?
3. What did the frog say first after he heard cat's story?
4. What can you learn from the story?

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1) a cat, a frog, and a cat
2) a cat, a frog and a cat gathered near the oasis, wanted to appoint their leader
3) "Oh ! That's nothing"
4) (in ma opini) there's nobody earlier than God. Isn't it ? sorry if i'm wrong .-.

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1. cat, frog, camel
2. three animals gathered near an oasis on a desert to point the leader
3. "oh! that's nothing"
4. being mature is more important than how old you are

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