Seperti ini gak?? type pertanyaan nya??? semoga membantu :) anisa : hi ~ do you like mango?? arif : no i dislike mango. anisa : why ? mango have many vitamins and good for your health.. so what fruit do you like ?? arif : i like apple . i really like it.. anisa : ooh..... i like apple too. :) sinka : hi. nova do you like reading?? nova : no. i don't like reading .. i like writing.. sinka : oh ... you want to be writer?? nova : yes.. i really wan to be writer
Shella: hi!
Yufi, Linn, Dita: hi!
Linn: Shella, what do you bring?
Shella: these are gowns. I wanna go to my sister's wedding party. But I'm confused to choose the red one or the blue one.
Dita: I like the blue one. I think that will suit you well. Yufi, do you like the blue gown too?
Yufi: No, the design of the blue gown is old-fashioned. I really don't like that
Linn: Yeah, I guess You just have to change the motif of your red gown. And it will be great.
Shella: reallly? okay, I'll try to do what you said.

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