I guess that….
Dialogue 1
Usman : Ahmad, What’s the matter?
Ahmad : I’m upset. I have to saty in after school.
Usman : Why?
Ahmad : Miss. Aminah got mad at me this morning.
Usman : What for?
Ahmad : I was late
Usman : Why were you late?
Ahmad : My Dad saw me smoking in my bedroom. He was very angry. I couldn’t leave my house until he left for work.
Usman : But you told Miss Aminah that you overslept.
Ahmad : I know. I didn’t want her to know that I’m a drug addict.
Usman : I think that you should stop it before your parents know.
Ahmad : I think that you are right.
Possible expressions used in telling or discussing hot/interesting news. I am sure that…. Have you ever noticed that….
I believe that…. I should have told her that….
I assume that…. Do you have any idea how ….
I can prove that…. Do you think that….
I predict that…. Could you tell me what….
I guess that…. I discovered that….
I suppose that…. I don’t know if….
I suspect that…. I’ve heard that….
Contoh lain : 

Arief and Rita are fond of literature. They enjoy reading stories, novels, and watching drama. On the way home, Arief and Rita have a chat. 
Arief : Do you have a plan for tomorrow holiday? 
Rita : Too bad. I have nothing to do.
Arief : I've got a plan for tomorrow. Would you like to come to my house?
Rita : Really? Tell me, please. Then, I'll decide to come or not.
Arief : I've got a new interesting novel and VCD of a drama performance.
Rita : Wow, great. What are they about? Are they interesting?
Arief : If I tell you now, it won't surprise you. Now, decide. Would you come to my house to enjoy them?
Rita : I'd love to. I'll be at your house at 8.00 in the morning.
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bisa bikinin yang lebih panjang lagi nggak percakapannya?
tinggal ditambahin "prolog" "greetings" sama "epilog" sudah panjang itu :)
makasih udah nolongin :)
Dany : Hi Radit. Our semester is almost over. Have you ever been planned for a summer holiday?
Radit : Actually, I have no plan. I am going to sleep all day.
Dany : Oh, come on.. You are kidding me.
Radit : Not really. Because I am going to a small village in the Guizhou province and do a lot of rest there. I just wanna have a peace.
Dany : Oh, come on man.. Guizhou is not a very popular tourist site right? It’s better for you to go to Hawaii or some other beach in Italy.
Radit : Exactly! That’s what I called a peace. I am not going to go to a crowded place with so many people have their own holiday. For me, it’s better to enjoying the trip to the great wall and feeling the nice atmosphere over there.
Dany : I’m sure about it. But, won’t Guizhou is too hot when you go at the summer?
Radit : I don’t think so. Because some of my friends told me that it’s very cold, because it is naturally filled with an “air conditioner”.
Dany : Ok, that’s sounds great for a summer holiday. If I plan to go to Beijing, I won’t heat myself. But, I am really wondering, are there any places that so worth to be seen?
Radit : Of course! First, there’s the great scenery. Have you ever heard a Maling Gorge that said to be spectacular? And, I like that province because there are so many mountains even in the capital city.
Dany : Yeah, I’ve heard some of those things, but won’t you get bored? It just a little scenery right?
Radit : Oh, come on Dany. If you go there, you will have so many plans to do. You can go hiking in Qian Park in Guiyang, going to a very historical city that Mao Ze Dong became the first leader, having a dinner with a delicious foods, drinking maotai, and meeting some beautiful girls.
Dany : That’s great. I believe that you will have a unique holiday at this summer. I will be waiting for your photos.
Radit : Yeah, I will bring it to you.

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