Dialogues- Compliments Staff: What a beautiful dress, Ms. Elliot.
Guest: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.
Staff: Your new hair-do looks absolutely gorgeous, Mrs. Simpson.
Guest: How kind of you to say so.
Guest: My compliments to the chef. This linguine is superb.
Staff: Thank you ma’am. I’ll be sure to let the chef know.
Guest: Your English is very good.
Staff: Thank you very much.
Staff: Excellent game Mr. Johnson. You really gave me a workout.
Guest: Thanks, I guess all those private lessons are finally paying off.
Guest: I really appreciate all the extra work you did on helping us solve that problem. It
         truly went above and beyond. My compliments to your work ethic.
Staff: Thank you sir, how kind of you to say
A: hi donna ,how are you today? b: fine, thanks! and you? a: very well , anyway you look so good today ! i like your blouse ? b: oh...thanks for your compliment.... it is a my new collection