Nabila               : Hi, Sari! How Are Things? Sari                  :  Fine, And You? Nabila               : I'm Feeling Great Today. How Was Your Weekend At The Beach? Sari                  : Terrific! We Had A Lovely Time There. You Should Go There.  Nabila               : Really? Hey, What A Beautiful Blouse Are Wearing, It Matches You Skirt. Sari                  : Thanks. My Mother Gave It T Me On My Birthday. Nabila               : Wow! That's Wonderful. Oh, Sar, I Almost Forget. Can I Ask You Something? Sari                  : Oh, Sure. What's Up? Nabila               : Have You Finished Typing The Annual Report We Made Last Week? Sari                  : Yes, Mean This?                         Nabila               : Yeah, Hmm, I Think This Report Is Excellent. Thanks A Lot Sari. You Did A Great  Job. Now I Have To Give It To The Director Immediately. Sari                  : Ok. You'd Better Hurry. He May Be Waiting For It. Nabila               :Well, He Probably Is. Thanks Again, Sari. Have A Nice Day