Jawaban paling cerdas!
Eyewitnesses said the robbers pursuit event in front of Koga Market, Bandar Lampung, such as scenes in action films.

"Dar der dor voice like in the movie. Upward police shoot first. Then, the offender fired on police, bam bam bam. Tahunya hit a parking (on page Koga Market). Police then returned fire, hit his leg. He ran, continued fall. trampled, "said Udin (54), one of the witnesses a robbery that occurred on Saturday (26/01/2013) afternoon.

As reported previously, Joni Effendi, the robber, was killed in front of the masses judged Koga Market, Bandar Lampung, after carrying bags belonging to employees run Bank of the Bank. In this instance, a parking attendants injured by stray bullets Joni touted TNI. Victim hit by a bullet in the leg and was rushed to hospital Abdul Moeloek, Bandar Lampung. While bank employees whose bag was stolen suffered bruises.

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