The word " tsunami " comes from the Japanese language meaning harbor ( " tsu " ) and wave ( " nami " ) . Tsunami is a series of waves that arise due to the water in a lake or in the ocean quickly engaged in a large scale . Tsunami occurs when damaged seabed shape and vertically
changing the position of the water from the large vertical datar.Gerakan earth fault can occur in the lining of the earth .
The earthquake that occurred on the sea floor that is potentially going to cause a tsunami . Fault causes equalibrum water seabed to be disturbed. The larger the area of ​​the fault that occurs , the greater the power generated waves . Big waves flowing into the mainland this is very dangerous for humans .
Tsunami is always bring great damage to the greatest manusia.Kerusakan caused by the huge waves that flooded this daratan.Gelombang when the human settlements will drag anything in its path . Sometimes , deaths are not caused by the tsunami caused by the huge waves that flow , but due to collision with objects brought tsunami.Selain wave , the mud dragged tsunami makes people difficult to escape quickly .

boleh mntak tolong angsung bikin ke pembagian struktur teksnya gk?,yng mana pernyataan umum,deretan penjelas,interpretasi?pake bhsa inggris ia
maksud nya ?
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