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Tema persahabatan dan berlatar belakang rumah kos
Nama pemain : Tomy, Ratih, Mala, Anggi, Nina, Salwa, Adim, Fano, Nanda, Ijonk
Latar belakang: Rumah Kos
Alur: Maju

In the dorm room, Ruth and Mala , in a cloudy twilight .

Ruth : You stole my money ! ! ! ( with a choked tone , pointing at Mala sitting room )You do not know what the money was Mala . It was my college money ( echoing cries filled the room )

Mala : ( silent cries heard Ruth increasingly hardened )

Anggi , Nina , Salwa , Nanda : ( Ruth and Mala rooms come with confusion )

Nanda : What is this ? What the hell are you Ruth ? Mala did you do ? ( as he approached Mala )

Mala : I never touched your things Tih . How can I steal .

Anggi : How much money is lost it Ruth ?

Ruth : Not missing Anggi . But he ... ( shaking hands pointing towards Mala ) . But he is stealing .

Anggi : I wonder how ? ( in a tone of patience )

Ruth : One million terary .. a million ...
It was all the result of my hard work to pay for college .
But he stole casually .

Mala : ( continues sobbing bitterly , as he bowed his head )

Nina : Ruth ....
Not necessarily Mala who stole ...
Who knew you forgot to put it .

Salwa : Yes Nina said the Rat . We'd better look ( while eating potato chips in his right hand )

Ruth : Wa ... I have proof that he is ! ! Thief .

Mala : What is the evidence ? ( with a trembling tone )

Ruth : ( running towards the dressing table mantab Mala and took several packs of shopping bags .

Ruth : What is Mala ? What's this ? Where the money you use to buy all of this ?

Mala : It ... ( shocked and confused )

Ruth : That what ? You do not want to admit it ? ( eyes glared at Mala and get ready to hit the Mala )

Nina, Salwa : ( prevents Ruth quickly )

Ruth : Where there is a thief who confessed . Woe to you Mala !

Nanda : Mala , what did you really buy all that stuff with the money Ruth ?

Mala : That ... That I bought with my own money ditambahin Tomy by Tomy , yesterday after finishing recital .

Ruth : You ! ( pointing Mala ) is not only the money you stole , you're my boyfriend also seized . ( hand release thrashing Nina and Salwa ) Release ! Remove ! Let kuhajar him ! Remove Nin !

Nina, Salwa ( the stronger the hold Ruth )

Mala : ( slightly away from Ruth and closer to Nanda )

Anggi : How could you Mala . Why did you go with Tomy ? Alas , the night after the recital deserve it you do not appear at all .

Mala : Ruth ... I'm sorry .. I'm just going to buy a recital purposes you ... Look ! ( As he pulled out all the items in the shopping bag ) Look at this dress for you . It supplies you Ruth . Look at this ! ( continues sobbing ) I do not like you think. I'm not that bad.
FRIENDSHIPSCENE 1Lively atmosphere after the last work on the problems today. Deuteronomy increase in class has passed. The kids all happy to finish with a good test. Without exception, Rais and his friends. They were happy to finally get away from books that they are busy this weekend. After the bell rang they rushed towards the car park their motorcycles.Selma   : "Oh yes .. delicious when it's finished doing the final tasks of this school?"Nurul   : "We go on vacation, right? What about friends?"Erina    : "Haa? Where are vacation, rul?"Nurul   : "Where so, what you are not bored in the house?"Erina    : "What if we just went to the village? Fair can be refreshing in the countryside "Intan    : "Good idea! I agree if we break into the village "Una      : "Nice .. nice .. nice .. But you're also right, Fa? "Ifa        : "Yeah, I also again want to enjoy a rural atmosphere" (small laugh)Enggar : "Yes .. yes .. yes (sigh)"Rais     : "Why, Nggar?"Enggar : "So what, Is? (Laughing while pretending not to know) "Rais     : "Enggar Enggar .. .. (Laugh) "After all agree, they set up their own bike and go back home.SCENE 2Today report cards increase revenue class. Of course, all students are concerned with their results so far. Terms of rising class of students must have a value above the limit completely, if not then the student must work on re-test (remedial). They gathered at Enggar’s home and share their lamentations over the value.Intan    : "Why Rais not come too? It has long been waiting for him"Una      : "Yeah .. Where is he? Try sending a message or call he"Selma   : (while you hold the phone and tried to contact Rais) "Oh .. not active!"Una      : "What's the same Rais? Until he turn off his mobile phone "Ifa        : "How we go to his house alone?"Enggar : "Hey it's a message from Rais with his new number"Erina    : "Hah? Here let me read! "(As he read out the contents of short messages from Rais)
Una : "Well, let's play .."
Over there they all laugh as if no expense and trouble in their lives. They can laugh together, joke together and share laughter. Not sure they capture the most important moments in their lives in the form of photographs. When you are feeling tired they left the game and stopped at a place to eat in Waterboom. When finished eating lunch, they continued their journey to enjoy the natural scenery in the village.
Erina : "Ohh tired, a day of water play and now breathe fresh air like this"
Nurul : "Well, Er. Let’s we are the photos? "
Selma : "Nice..nice.. We capture these moments for memories "
Enggar : "Well, there you let me captured you"
In this village where they capture these moments. For those friends is the most beautiful things in life. Companions also understand what we feel, they are loyal to accompany us in good times and sorrows.
They promised to keep their friendship forever.
Enggar : "I will not forget this day" (looking at his friend)
Rais : "Same, Nggar. We are lucky to have friends like them "
Enggar : "They were good to us, in addition, also they can comfort us when we are sad"
Rais : "Well, Nggar. We is not wrong to reduce her for our friends because they did best for us"
Enggar : "It's okay .."
Selma : "What you talking about, guys?" (As he sat beside Enggar)
Rais : "Nothing to say. Right, nggar?" (With a smile towards Enggar)
Enggar : "Yeah, there's nothing" (a smile to everyone)
Erina : "Huuu ... You are talking about us?"
Rais : "You know course, Er" (smile at Erina)
Erina : "Well.. "
Nurul : "Rais..Enggar.. You didn’t
join the photo? Come here... "
Rais : "It’s okee ..."
Friendship is more lasting in the appeal of love. They joke together and take pictures. Friendship like a cocoon, to change a caterpillar into a butterfly. And they are aware, none is more enduring than friendship.
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