A. hi
b. hi. how are you.
a. i'm fine. oh yea, i will tell you about my holiday in Medan. when holiday came. i and my family went to medan city. i was happy because i can went ro medan city again. when i arrived, i and my family lived in uncle's houses. and after it. i and uncle went to market to buy my favourite food. i,m happy when i went to medan,. b. 
b, me too
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A: Hello
B: Hello. How are you?
A: I'm fine. And you?
B: I'm fine too. i want to tell you my experience. do you want to heard it?
A: Sure...
B: Last week, me and my family go to Korea to watched Music Bank. I met with 2pm, SNSD, and Super Junior. Ther are very kind and they are want to take picture with me.
A: Really??? Woow.. that's interesting holiday. I want too.

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