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Seeing Hawaii in Cruising style
A cabin with a sea view costs as little as 1,250 euros per person for the seven nights of the cruise. Included in the price is full board, a nightly entertainment program and transfers between the four most important islands of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Oahu, Kauai, Big Island and Maui.
Honolulu on Oahu, where the cruise starts, has a population of 900,000 inhabitants and is the largest human settlement in the South Sea. But anyone who gazes out over the blue ocean to watch the surfers ride the perfect waves knows why he has come to Hawaii. One hopes at the same time that the evidence of human progress will become less apparent as the cruise progresses while the beach remains as beautiful.

1. Can you describe honolulu on Oahu in a sentence?
2. How is the buildung in the seaside in the seaside resort of Waikiki?
3. What is reason for the crowds bustle along the shopping streets of Kalakaua and Kuhio evenues?



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1. Honolulu has a population of 900.000 and the largest human settlement in the South Sea, it is really beautiful.
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