Make a dialog based on the following guideline

Anjar : tell that he had an embarrassing, tell that he did a shopping in a mall, tell that he met a girl whom she thought as her old friend and he great the girl cheerfully, tell that the girl is not his friend before doing something.

Dany : ask what happened, ask what the matter was, ask whether the girl is really her old friend, tell she should be sure about everything.



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Dany: Oh, Anjar. You're blushing. What happened?
Anjar: I-I was just shopping in mall. 
Dany: Well, shopping usually doesn't make people blushing. What happened?
Anjar: I met a girl. 
Dany: Oh my.... I knew it. Is she beautiful?
Anjar: No, it's not like that. I thought she was my old friend, but she isn't. 
Dany: And you greeted her?
Anjar: Yeah, I greeted her. She looked exactly like my old friend, but when she turned around I noticed she is not my old friend. That's embarrassing.
Dany: Of course it's embarrassing. Use your eyes next time.
Anjar: I used my eyes.
Dany: Use your eyes better next time.
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