Seller: "good morning sir. May i help you?" Buyer: "yeah. i look for new suftboard. the old one already broken " Seller: "You come to the right place, sir. Let me To show you surfboards" [walking and chosing] seller: "yeah . this is it." Buyer: "hmm, i prefer chose the long one. the colour is so georgeous" Seller: "Yeah. it made so elegant " Buyer : "how much does it cost? " Seller: "it only €20 sir" Buyer: "It can be €25?" Seller: "Hmm, It too low. can you raise it more?" Buyer: "Hmm, how about €27?" Seller: "hmm, Thats allright. Confirmated. Do you want look more? " Buyer: "No" Seller "Thats yours. Thank for Your coming Have a Nice day "
Paijo          : Can I Help you?
Juminen      : Yes, thanks. I want to know how much the shirt is!
Paijo          : Which one Madam?
Juminem    : The Blue one Please!
Paijo          : It is three hundred thousand rupiahs.
Juminem    : It is too much. Can you let me have it for less?
Paijo          : I'm Sorry, Madam. But it is a good price.
Juminem    : ya sudahlah .. ga jadi.

#yang bertulisan tebal adalah contoh percakapan yang bersifat Bergaining atau tawar menawar.
TIPS ::: dlm bhs Inggris penulisan Saya harus huruf Kapital. "I"