Her name is yuni and she's born in tangerang.she's 26 years old.she's married and her husband is from padang.she's has got one children her name is hanna.she is very active.she likes a barbie.at last mounth yuni and his husband always go to mall for shoping yuni likes sleep.
yuni works in telkomsel center .she goes to work at 07:00 am.she always goes to work with me.she is a receptionist.she worked for five years.she is very smart and she has many freinds.at lunch,she always eals padang rice.she does not like spicy,every go home she buys martabak eggs for her family..

tolong cari kesalahan pemakaian kata2 ny..bila ada kata slh harus d gnti dgn p???



Jawaban paling cerdas!
- she's born menjadi she was born
- she's married menjadi she was married
- she's has got menjadi she has got
- at last month menjadi every last month
- she always menjadi she is always
- at lunch menjadi every lunch

sekian dan terima kasih....=) 
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-she's born jadi she was born -she's married jadi she has married -she's has got jadi she has got -she likes a barbie jadi she likes barbie -at last mounth jadi every last mounth -at lunch jadi every lunch -alwals eals jadi always has meals itu aja yang saya bisa. makasih