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Mount Ceremai often mistakenly called " Ciremai " is a volcanic cone that is administratively included in the three districts , namely Cirebon , Kuningan and Majalengka , West Java Province . The geographical position of the peak is located at 6 ° 53 ' 30 "latitude and 108 ° 24 ' 00 " East, with an altitude of 3,078 m above sea level . This mountain is the highest mountain in West Java .
This mountain has a double crater . Western crater radius 400 m east of the crater that was interrupted by a radius of 600 m . At an altitude of about 2,900 m above sea level on the southern slopes of the eruption are former Gowa called Swallow .
G. Ceremai now belongs to the National Park area of ​​Mount Ciremai (TNGC) , which has a total area of ​​approximately 15,000 hectares .
The name is derived from the word mountain cereme ( Phyllanthus acidus , a kind of small fruiting shrubs is rather sour ) , but is often called Ciremai , a hiperkorek symptoms due to the many place names in the region Pasundan use the prefix ' ci - ' for naming the place


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