Tolong buatin dialog bhs inggris expressing embarrasment
tentang berikut : your little brother rode bicycle fast.suddenly,he hit tree and fell in to a ditch .he is very embarrassed and tells you abaout that. would the conversation go?



Prolog: This lovely afternoon I decide to rode a bicycle with my little brother , He was so happy and he also felt quite arrogance cause he can rode it perfectly or better than me.
 my little brother: "Brother, brother, look at me! Look how good I'am!"  *while adding his average speed
me: Nice, watch the road. keep your speed constant!
Lil bro: nah, what for? I'm expert already. I don't need to keep my speed constantly.
me:Don't be like that , it's not good you know! 
lil bro: yeah right, sorry for that.. *not reducing the speed *not listening
me: Listen to me! Hey you, listen to me! If you keep going, I will tell mama about this
*Because my lil bro did not listen to me he suddenly hit a tree and fell into a ditch*
lil bro: Ouch! I'm ok, you don't have to worried cause I'm an expert *don't want to admitted that he was wrong
me:"See! know you feel it right?"  So you've to listen to me , don't be naughty! :P
I f you keep on doing things wrong you will feel the impact!
lil bro: " Okay okay.. I'm sorry brother.. please don't tell mama :( again.. I'm sorry..