mr.heri   ⇒ mrs.heri 
       edi⇒susi                          ₋ ₋ ₋ ₋ ΙΙ₋ ₋ ₋ ₋                     dewi⇒eko            andi
            ΙΙ                                                                               ΙΙ
      tika⇒rio                                                                          alfan

.#lam tika                                  #lam edo
rio is my brother                           dewi is my sister
susi is my........(mother)                 andi is my........(brother)
Genealogy, family tree, genealogy charts, or diagrams pedigree is a chart that displays family relationships (genealogy) in a tree structure. This genealogy data can be displayed in various formats. One format that is often used in a pedigree is a chart showing the older generation at the top and the younger generations at the bottom. Descendant chart that displays all the descendants of one individual has the narrowest part at the top.

Ancestral chart, which is a tree showing the ancestors of an individual, has a shape that is more like a tree, with the top wider than the bottom. Some ancestor chart displayed by an individual is on the left and on the right ancestors.