orchids are one of the biggest species of flowers.
there are more than 20.000 species of orchids, from tiny plants 0,25 inches across to vines 30 m long. most of them live in tropical areas. several orchids are widespread, while others may grow in just a single valley on a single mountain in the world.
orchids are either epiphytes or saprophytes. they are called epiphytes when they grow on trunks, branches of trees or rocks, rather than in the soil like other flower. meanwhile, they are called saprophytes when they live off rotting plants and do not need light like other plants.
orchid flowers have a big central peta called the lip or labellum. it is often shaped like a cup, trumpet or bag. then lip's shape is usually used to attract pollinators.

1. where do orchids mostly grow ?
a. in tropical areas c. in snowy areas
b. in foggy areas d. in cold areas
2. orchids which grow on branches of a tree are called ?
a. parasites c. saprophytes
b. epiphytes d. lebellum
3. from the text, we know that ?
a. all orchids are epiphytes
b. an orchid flower is called the labellum
c. orchid can not live off rotting plants
d. there are at least 20.000 kinds of orchid in the world
4. "...... when they live off rotting plants......"
(paragraph 3)
what is the synonym of the underlined word ?
a. growing c. decomposing
b. dying d. flowering



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