A: What did you say your name was? (Siapa lagi nama anda?)
B: It’s Cathye Henderson. (Nama saya Cathye Jacklyn)
A: Did you say Andersen or Henderson? (Tadi anda bilang Andersen atau Henderson?)
B: Henderson, with an H. (Henderson, pakai H)
A: Is “Cathye” spelled with a C or a K? (Apakah “Cathye” dieja C atau K?)
B: It’s C as in Charm. (Dieja C seperti dalam kata Charm).
A: And what was your address again? (Dimana lagi alamat anda?)
B: 73 West Sunshine Blvd., Suite 501.
A: Sorry, I didn’t catch the last part. (Maaf, saya kurang jelas nomornya)
B: Do you want me to repeat it? (Apa perlu saya ulangi?)
A: I can’t hear you very well. (Saya tidak bisa mendengarkan anda dengan baik)
B: Maybe you should turn down the radio. (Barangkali radionya perlu dikecilkan suaranya).
minimal dialog ny masing masing 10 dialog
Rina : Hello Dewi. Look at my new purse. I made it by myself. Dewi : Hello, Rina. Hey, that's nice. Isn't that your old purse? The one that we bought one year ago? Rina : Yeah, that's right. Dewi : How did you do that? Rina : Sorry, What did you say? Dewi : How did you do that, Rina? Rina : Oh, well, first, I just added some colorful buttons. Then, four-five glittery beads. Finally, I gave my magic finishing touch, he.. he..