My MotherI think that my mother is a beautiful person. She is not tall but not short, and she has curly hair and black. Her eyes color are like honey and her color skin color light brown, and she has a beautiful smile.She is a very kind person. She is very lovely, friendly, patient, and she loves to help people. I love my mom, because she is a good example to me. She loves being in the Church, and she loves sing and dance too.She always takes care of her family. She likes her house to be clean and organized. She a very organized person, and all things in the house are in the right place. She doesn’t like messes.She always has a smile on her face. She is so sweet and lovely. I like when I am going to sleep or went I wake up or when I am going to go to some places, she always give me a kiss, and when the family have a problem she always be with us to helps us and to give us all her love.
yang tentang benda atau tempat bersejarah gitu?
I have one thing, it can be Long, it can be short, belong to me. It always if i wanted to know how long the thing long is. You can find it on bookstore, also you can see it if you look the taylor. Anyone can give the answer? gitu.
iya, seperti itu tapi itu terlalu singkat. yang agak lebih panjang ada gak? sertakan jawabannya sekalian ya thanks
Itu aja dek. itu kan jawabannya meteran. intinya, deskriptive teks itu jangan kepanjangan, jadi narasi nanti
oooh, gitu ya kak.
tapi ada yang lebih panjang sedikit dari itu gak
kalo ada tolong buatin ya kak,