Dear Angga,

Uncle Benn just called mom. He told her that our grandpa is seriously ill. Grandpa is hospitalized and we are going to visit him. When you arrive home, please have lunch and join us at the hospital. thank you


1. who is sick ?
a. Anggi c. anggi's mother
b. uncle benn d. anggi's grandfather
2. where are anggi and her mother going ?
a. to the hospital c. to uncle benn's house
b. to grandpa's house d. to their neighbour's house
3. what should angga do then ?
a. stay at home c. prepare lunch
b. go to the hospital d. reply the message



1. D. Anggi's Grandfather 2. A. To the hospital 3. B. Go to the hospital
1. D
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2. A
thanks kak
urwel dek :)
kk jwb yg pertanyaan 1 lge donk