1a deskripsikan tentang musik yang kamu suka dan yang tidak kamu suka
  b deskripsikan tentang tempat yang kamu kunjungi
2a deskripsikan tentang orang yang kamu suka dan yang tidak kamu suka disekolah
  b deskripsikan tentang kamar tidurmu
bukan itu dijawab, pertanyaanya
bukan itu dijawab, pertanyaanya bukan di translate
oalah tak kira di translate hehee
Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. a.. i like music which is not sad, but happy and not slow. the music can make me happy all the time. in the music, there must be many instruments, like piano, guitar or other instruments. the music mustn't be difficult to memorize.

i don't like sad music, because sad music always make me sad and the music is too slow and it's hard for me to memorize it. sad music just use piano, but not guitar. it's not really good.

b.. i have a sitting room with a big bookshelf and a big round table with 2 cute chairs which the color is blue. there are 4 windows with beautiful curtains. there is a small tv too and a laptop. the air in my sitting room is fresh and my sitting room makes me feel comfortable and happy

2. a.... i like english subject. because English is an international  language that used by many people almost around the world. there are speaking, writing, listening and reading. i love speaking very much,because it can improve my english better.

i don't like math. because math is full of difficult formulas. there are many lessons on math. and almost all of the lessons are very... very difficult. math is not easy... but it's very difficult.

b...  i have a big bedroom with a big bed. in my bedroom, there is a bathroom. on my bed, there are many dolls with various forms and colors, 2 pillows and a blanket. there is a cupboard on the corner of my bedroom. there is a table for me to study.  my bedroom is so nice.. i really love  my bedroom

semoga membantu :)

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