Hi LoLo, I can not write much now! Thursday was really busy for me. At 08:20 I have the math - ugh! Everyone said it would be useful someday, but I'm not sure. Then at 9:40 I got a science. I'm tough, but interesting. At 10:20 I have a history. Boring! But at least I have P.E. tuned at 11.00. P.E. easy and fun. We had lunch 12:20 to 01:00. The first subject is art after lunch. It's easy. And I like my art teacher, Mr. Bungkus. He was such fun. I finished class at 2:20 but after that the club renangselama two hours. It is really challenging! Our teacher is very strict and we usually get very tired. And after the swim I went to my music club. The music is very cool, so that's something else to look forward to. Your friend Dede
ada yg asal asalan maaf [translate]