1.Can I ask for your pen
2.Can you get a broom
3.Just please take this money
4.Can I ask for your pencil
5.Can I sit next to you

semoga betul
A: tomorrow is your birthday... what do you want?
B: may i get a new handphone?
A: sure.. that's okay
B: oh, thank you

A: i have done the houseworks.... can i get a present?
B: sure... what do you want?
A: i want a new novel
B: oh, i see... of course you can....
A: really?
B: yes....let's go to the bookstore..
A: let's go...

A: can i have your phone number?
B: what is it for?
A: nothing, i just want to keep it
B: sure.... here it is
A: thanks
B: no problem

A: mom, may i buy that dress?
B: how much is it?
A: it's cheap mom
B: oh, yeah... you're right.... well, take it then
A: thank you mom
B: you're welcome

A: will you buy me those roses?
B: mm... do you love them?
A: yeah, i love them very much...
B: well, i'll buy it for you then
A: thanks
B: anything for you

A: dad, may i buy that bycicle?
B: sure.... but, how much is it?
A: ah, it;s too expensive
B: no, it's cheap.... let me buy it for you
A: thanks dad
B: you're welcome son

A: sister, i like to eat chocolate...
B: and? why?
A: can you buy me chocolate?
B: sure..... let me buy you some chocolate
A: thanks sister
B: no problem

A: i want that book
B: take it then
A: really?
B: sure...let me buy it for you
A: thank you
B: you're welcome

A: may i have that shirt?
B: yeah, but, do you like it?
A: i like it very much
B: let me buy it for you then
A: thanks
B: you're welcome

A: you've promised me that you will give me a present if i got the first rank.... and i have got it
B: oh, yeah... sure... so, what do you want?
A: how about buying me a new laptop?
B: sure.... let me buy it for you
A: thanks
B: no problem