Jawaban paling cerdas!
Winda : hello. This is me Winda. Who's speaking?
Diego : hello, Winda. This is me Diego.
Winda : oh. Hi Diego. Is there any problem?
Diego : No. But, do you want to join me to attend a carnival tomorrow?
Winda : what carnival is it?
Diego : it's Japanese carnival
Winda : wow. Okay, I'll join with you
Diego : well then. I'll bring my camera and don't forget to bring yours too.
Winda : okay. But, is it just we two?
Diego : no. Ratna and Ricky will join with us
Winda : Yippie!
Diego : okay then. I have to do something now. Bye. See you tomorrow.
Winda : bye. See you tomorrow. Thanks for calling.

sorry lebih dri 5 content.. :P
moga bermanfaat :)
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