Andi : hi, sinta. i want to teach my little brother origami. but i don't know what kind of origami should be taught to him. do you think dinosaur origami is difficult for him ?
sinta : well, i think so. what about a boat ?
andi : that's a good idea. that's my brother, can you teach him ?
sinta : what .... me ?
andi : yup ...... riko come here. you like origami, don't you ?
riko : Uhum ...
andi : well, sinta will teach you how, make a boat.
riko : really ?!
sinta : Yup .... it's easy. listen carefully and follow me.
riko : yes, I'm ready .
sinta : take a half page of paper and you don't need scissors or glue to do it. now follw the steps. first, fold,the paper in half the long way , crease and unfold .
riko : then.
sinta : the second step , fold the sides up to the middle crease and keep it folded .
riko : ok, done
sinta : next, fold the corners donwn to the middle . and the do the same way are you still with me ?
riko :wait ... wait can you repeat it ?
sinta : sure. please fold the corners down to the middle. and do it twice .
riko : got it. and what's the next step ?
sinta : finally, open the middele and turn it in side out to make a boat. finish , it's simple, isn't it ?
riko : thank you . i learnt a lot from you.

task 12
1. who wants to teach riko origami ?
2. what is the origami ?
3. how many steps are they to make the origami ?
4. what is the material ?
5. what is the first step ?
6. do they need scissors and glue ?
7. what is the second step ?
8. what is the final step ?




Ini adalah Jawaban Tersertifikasi

Jawaban tersertifikasi mengandung isi yang handal, dapat dipercaya, dan direkomendasikan secara seksama oleh tim yang ekspert di bidangnya. Brainly memiliki jutaan jawaban dengan kualitas tinggi, semuanya dimoderasi oleh komunitas yang dapat dipercaya, meski demikian jawaban tersertifikasi adalah yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.

1. Andi

2. Art of paper folding

3. 4 steps

4. A half page of paper

5. fold the paper in half the long way, crease and unfold

6. No, they don't

7. fold the sides up to the middle crease and keep it folded

8. open the middle and turn it in side out to make a boat