Tia is very good and helpful student. she is in seventh of mondial lower secondary school. her teachers ....(*) proud of her because she is very good at math,english, science. her friends often...(**) for help to solve the math problem. all of her friends and teachers like her. now she is thirteen years old. she is tall. she ...(***) long hair. she is diligent.
*) a. Is
b. was
c. are
d. were

**) a. ask
b. asks
c. asked
d. are askin

***)a. has
b. had
c. have
d. is having
NB : itu pilihan ganda

1. sale-book-now-there-on-the-is-store-a-big
jadiin urutan yang benar

2. what tool do we possibly neet to make banana sandwich?
a. pan
b. fork
d. scissors



*. c

1. there is a big sale on that book store now
2.c knife

semoga membantu :)

there is a big sale on the book store now