Situation : fiona is going to a wedding part tomorrow. she asks Lila to accompany her to buy a dress.
fiona : what do you think about this dress, Lila ?
Lila : i think this dress is too casual .
fiona : what about this ?
Lila : i don't think that a good dress. the colour is too bright.
fiona : well it's a little bit hard you know.
Lila : ( pick a dress ) i think this dress is good
fiona : do you think so ?
Lila : the colour isn't too bright and simple. try this on !
fiona : okay ( go to the fitting room ).
Lila : what do you think ?
fiona : I love it . let's go to the cashier .

task 10 .
1. how many person are there in the dialogue ?
2.where are they ?
3. what does fiona want ?
4. why does Lila doesn't agree with the first dress ?
5. what is Lila' opinion about the second dress ?
6. why is Lila disagree with the second choice ?
7. where does fiona go to try the dress on ?
8. what does fiona think about the third dress ?



1. There arw 2 persons in the dialogue
2. they;re  in the department store/dress store/etc
3. she wants to accompany to buy a dress. (gtau jg)
4. because the 1st dress it too casual
5. her opinion about 2nd dress is, that isnt a good dress 
6. because the colour is too bright.
7. fina tries the dress on the fitting room
8. the colour isnt to bright, and simple. smg membantu
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1. there are two people in the dialogue
2. they are in the store to buy a dress
3. she wants to buy a dress for a wedding party
4. because the first dress is too casual
5. Lila thinks that the colour of the dress is too bright
6. because the dress colour is too bright
7. she goes to the fitting room
8. she loves it